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Contemporary Wushu was created in the 1960s into a standardized vigorous form of exercise, performing art, and competitive sport.  It combines self-defense and martial art techniques with flexible artistic expression to create a comprehensive curriculum of training.  This extensive training includes basic self-defense techniques, barehand routines, and weapon training.  There are many other facets of Wushu, including Taijiquan, Qigong, and Sanshou for examples.  In recent years, Wushu has gained much recognition and is becoming a popular and highly sought after form of martial arts. 

Our goal is to aid in this growth and promotion of the art of Wushu through different means of media such as our photo gallery, articles, and video clips.  We are very glad to represent the art of Wushu and present to you this website.

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Wushu Xtreme / Summit Wushu Academy demo we just did:


Happy New Year from the Wushu Xtreme Team.   Chinese New Years will be coming up soon so be sure to see our upcoming demos!


The Husky Wushu Team from the University of Washington has their first demo video up:

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Wushu translates into Chinese martial arts ... Learn more from the Wushu History article  

All three chapters are now up and running!! Keep on the look out for the following chapters!  Read the story

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UO Wushu Club Recieves Recognition

The University of Oregon Wushu team has once again had a successful season this year.  They have accomplished a lot from winning countless trophies in major competitions to performing in special events.  The team was recently interviewed by the Oregon Daily Emerald on their thoughts about Wushu.

 Wushu Xtreme Places High at Cal Wushu Competition

       Peter, Jon, Roger, and Mt. Shasta

Peter, Jon, and Roger posing in front of Mt. Shasta while on their trip to Berkeley, CA

Wushu Sampler

 Phillip Dang


    Jump Front Slap Kick                        Outside Crescent Kick (Lotus Kick)

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